What is Project V Hobby?

We are two Ohio native brothers who have an immense love of Gundam and a passion for 3D modeling. We started Project V Hobby to provide the wonderful members of the Gundam community with high quality after market resin kits at an affordable cost. We are extremely passionate about the hobby and want to contribute to it in a unique way.

What does “Project V” mean?

Our name is a nod to the original Gundam series. Specifically, it is a nod to the Federation’s plans to develop the original Gundam. Coincidentally, our website is launching with mostly Zeon products which is funny considering that the Federation started designing the Gundam based on stolen Zeon plans.

When are more kits being released?

The moment we have new kits finished they will be added to our inventory. Feel free to leave suggestions to our support email because if we get enough suggestions for a specific item or conversion kit, we will work on those first.