Hydro Blue (1/100 Resin Model Kit)


1/100 Hydro Blue inspired by the Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket OVA. Inspired by the Hy-Gogg, this mobile suit can be seen attacking the arctic base in the unforgettable opening scenes of the show.



Resin Kit includes over 108 pieces and multiple LEDs.

The 1/100 Hydro Blue is printed with three kinds of resin. The light gray resin parts are made from a material with extreme detail in mind and comprise the large majority of the external armor pieces. The black resin parts are printed with high detail but are printed with durability in mind as these pieces make up the majority of moving parts seen in the kit. The last kind of resin is a clear material for the missile and beam effect parts. Included with the kit is a length of 20 gauge copper wire to make sure you can get any pose you want out of those long arms.

Designed by Fallout Hobbies, Produced and Distributed by Project V Hobby


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