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135mm "Zudah" Anti-Ship Rifle (Resin Weapon)

135mm "Zudah" Anti-Ship Rifle (Resin Weapon)

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The 135mm "Zudah" Rifle as seen in MS: IGLOO as well as Gundam Battle Operations 2. We aren't sure who at Zimmad thought it was a good idea to give the flimsiest mobile suit of the One Year War a long distance, high-recoiling gun but it looks pretty dang cool! This rifle was used to shoot at the Federation Salamis class cruisers from a great distance, only needing a few rounds to sink them. Think of this awesomely large rifle as the sequel to the anti-ship rifle as seen in the Gundam: The Origin anime.

The kit is entirely 3D printed using resin. The kit is made up of 12 individual pieces and requires assembly (superglue recommended for final assembly).

Can be primed and painted like any other gunpla kit / accessory (sanding required for clean-up and optimal paint results).

* - Mecha model kits and other scaled items in photos for illustrative purposes only and is not included in listing

This 3D printed item is designed and produced in the United States by Project V Hobby.

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