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Project V Hobby

Discounted "Factory Second" Items

Discounted "Factory Second" Items

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Now with pics! Item number corresponds to photo and listing description. 

These are weapons/accessories that have minor imperfections. All of the parts are included in each of the kits (unless specified) but they need some extra TLC to get them looking as good as our products normally do. Basically, they are not to our standard for stocking in a retail location but they aren't so messed up that we would throw them out.  They have the potential to look and function as well as our standard products but it is up to you to make them work which is why we are selling them at a deep discount.

1 - NEEDS TONS OF WORK. We cut parts for fitment, glued things together, left supports on, holes need to be filled, etc. It is an extreme discount because of these things. It can be made to look good, but there's a ton of work required.

2 - All pieces including left hand are glued together

3 - Some parts glued together, sanding needed on barrel

4 - All parts except for magazine glued together

5 - Parts glued

6 - Sanding required for clean up

7 - Sanding required for clean up

8 - Sanding required for fitment

9 - Sanding required for clean up

10 - Glued together

11 - Tight fitment, sanding required

12 - Tight fitment, sanding required

13 - Tight fitment, sanding required

14 - Tight fitment, sanding required

15 - Tight fitment, sanding required

32 - Demo print that has been glued together. Sanding required for clean up

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