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Helldiver (Helldivers Resin Figure)

Helldiver (Helldivers Resin Figure)

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"How 'bout a nice cup of Liber-tea!" - Helldiver, Helldivers 2

Show your devotion to Super Earth with this patriotic Helldiver figure! This figure not only includes the Helldiver themself but it also includes the drop pod. This figure has been modeled with extreme detail in mind, right down to the fabric of the flag and cape. In the game, when your Helldiver pops out of their drop pod, they're usually sporting weapons. Not this one. They came out holding the Super Earth flag and giving a patriotic salute, probably saluting goodbye to a pesky Bile Titan. For Democracy!

The kit is entirely 3D printed using resin. The kit is made up of 15 individual pieces and requires assembly (superglue recommended for final assembly).

Can be primed and painted like any other resin figure (sanding required for surface clean-up and optimal paint results).

* - Kit does not include an instruction manual at this time. The kit is fairly straightforward and we will be happy to answer any questions that arise during the build. *

This 3D printed item is designed by H3llcreator and produced in the United States by Project V Hobby.

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