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Zeon Knuckle Shield (Fallout Hobbies Ver.) (Resin Accessory)

Zeon Knuckle Shield (Fallout Hobbies Ver.) (Resin Accessory)

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Custom designed Zeon Knuckle Shield as seen carried by several Zeon mobile suits including the Zaku I, Gelgoog Marine, and more. This version of the knuckle shield is Fallout Hobbies' take on the weapon and differs slightly from our version.

Weapon is made from 3D printed resin. Kit is separated into 3 individual pieces and requires some assembly (Superglue recommended for final assembly). Optional handle piece is provided to allow for the shield to be held in the left or right hand.

Can be primed and painted like any other gunpla kit / accessory (sanding required for clean-up and optimal paint results).

* Item(s) displayed in photos are for illustrative purposes only and may differ in scale from the item listing.

This 3D printed item is designed and produced in the United States by Fallout Hobbies and Project V Hobby, respectively.

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