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Zeon "One Year War" Weapon Pack 1 (Resin Weapon Set)

Zeon "One Year War" Weapon Pack 1 (Resin Weapon Set)

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This "One Year War" weapon set includes 4 iconic weapons as seen in use with various Zeon mobile suits such as the Zaku I & II. This combined set allows for multiple model kits to be equipped with highly detailed weapons for a discount (Approx. 20% savings when compared to the individual purchase of said weapons) and includes:

1 - G3 gas launcher as seen in Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team. This weapon was infamously used by the Zeon at the start of the One Year War during Operation British.

2 - Zeon Knuckle Shield as seen carried by several Zeon mobile suits including the Zaku I, Gelgoog Marine, and more.

3 - Zaku I Machine Gun as seen in various Mobile Suit Gundam series and video games.

4 - Sturm Faust Anti-Armor System (set of 2) as used by a multitude of Zeon mobile suits throughout the war.

Weapons are made from 3D printed resin. Each weapon requires some assembly (superglue recommended for final assembly).

Can be primed and painted like any other gunpla kit / accessory (sanding required for clean-up and optimal paint results).

*Factory second weapon packs are ones that look and function fine but the tolerancing for assembly is slightly off. They will require some sanding. Selling at a steep discount to reduce inventory*

* - Mecha model kits and other scaled items in photos for illustrative purposes only and is not included in listing

This 3D printed item is designed and made in the United States by Project V Hobby

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